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The Rhetorical Goddess was born on a day in August 1991, when this writer, Meg Zulick, was unpacking boxes in my new office at Wake Forest University.  The boxes had come from my graduate student lair in the basement of Hardy House on the campus of Northwestern University.  I noticed as I unpacked that my dear friend Anne Laffoon had penciled "Rhetorical Goddess" on all the boxes.  The same name soon went up on my office door, and persons from all over the university began coming up to me asking, "Are you the Rhetorical Goddess"?  It took me a couple years to live this one down; and years later I decided it makes a great domain name.  Welcome to the pages of the Rhetorical Goddess !  Needless to say, Meg Zulick is not the Goddess.  The portrait on this page was taken of Peitho (rhetoricalgoddess) in Second Life.

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